September 1st

Well production on pretty much everything we are working on has been brought to a halt thanks to someone deciding to tie the knot with the love of his life, borrrring. But no, really, a friend of mine, maybe related to some people I know, maybe not, is the one I speak of. I would like to extend my congrats to him, and his soon to be wife, good luck with everything. Now, back to business. September for cartOOnatuna should be a huge month (but no more than 30 days). We plan on redoing the webpage, finishing up some scripts, even possibly pitching some ideas. Of course, this is all depending on how much time we can find to work, which usually is not the biggest problem for us tuna, mostly because we all love what we do.  They mostly come out at night, mostly. <Anyone?..well.. even though it is preseason, have to get back to watching those Chicago Bears, should be a good year for em, we hope. If not, we still have the bulls. Check back for new content daily, ma fakkas.

p.s. watch for a social experiment starting soon from this site, and check out, a brilliant project in the making.


Some Fun Links


Since we are still figuring things out with the site, I thought I’d post some links. Here are a few of my favorites, and should be interesting to anyone who is interested in art.

These are specifically online drawing programs, great if you have a tablet (we use an Axiotron Modbook)

Queeky – A very versatile in-browser digital painting site. The programming can be spotty at times, but the results are well worth the effort. The best part is the animated playback, where once you publish your drawing on the site, you (and others) can watch the drawing rebuilt stroke-for-stroke at varying speeds (strokes/sec). The app allows layers, which throws off the replay a little; the playback starts with the bottom layer and works up, rather than specifically playing the replay in the exact order you created it. This is pretty trivial, as that aspect can be used to plan animated drawings or effects that would be difficult to pull off otherwise. The online community is extremely friendly and supportive. Several of the drawings posted on Tuna were taken from my account.

RateMyDrawings -Similar to Queeky, but more limited. There are different versions of the app you can use. A simple java-based version allows animated playback, but limits the amount of “ink” you have to paint with and they don’t allow layers. On the advanced version, it has layers and effects and no limits, but no animated playback. My personal preference is to use Queeky, although the programming on the simple version seems less buggy than Queeky (just don’t trust the quicksave option). Very easy to use.

Psykopaint -Only available on Google Chrome (for now), this is a strange one. Basically, while you can work off of blank space like usual, if you work off of a picture, the app will select your colors based on sampling from the image underneath it. The interface seems kind of wonky, due to the animated interface and can be hard on some computers. The brushes and options are very interesting and produce some odd effects. I haven’t used it much, but you can definitely do crazy things with it if you try.

Gimp – Do I really need to say much on this one? Like Photoshop, only free. Maybe not quite as polished as PS, but all the same potential is there. Definitely recommended if you use your computer for any kind of visual art.


Along with a program that came with the Modbook (Sketchbook Express), these are all the programs we’ve used to create the images for this site. When it comes to animation, we have a student copy of Toon Boom. If you think you’d like to give animation a shot, here’s a link to a very basic and straight-forward piece of 2d animation freeware: Pencil

The debut of Liltoona

Well this is post one, and I’m finna keep it short. Ever since I was asked to join the team for the creations of these cartoons, stories, the website, etc, I’ve had a hard on. We have put a lot of work into coming up with some hilarious ideas, some more ethical than others, but nonetheless still great ideas. Watch out for Cartoonatuna to explode in these next few months, and not just in your face, but everyone.

We gonna be gettin’ all aesthetic on this bitch.


We all trade roles and fulfill many duties in the group, but we have our main defining skill sets. At the moment, our crew consists of five key contributors; BigToona is the main writer and typically keeps us all in line, LilToona is in charge of maintaining this site, ForToona (that’s me) draws most of the content such as character design, ToonaGuy backs up my base visuals with his extensive knowledge of editing software, SoundStory is a sound genius and overall aids us with his wizardly programming skills.

Our current plan consists of finding a solid base for the website and working off of that, creating media to post on a regular basis. Our projects at the moment are a bit hush-hush, but we will say that we’re brainstorming ideas for a weekly webcomic, just to give the site some definition. At the moment, we’re barfing up as much content as we can think of, including a lot of impromptu sketches, old drawings and videos we’ve made in the past.

We are here to entertain, any and all feedback is appreciated. At the moment, we are starving artists working only for the satisfaction of pleasing others. With a little support, we aim to make this our career. Stay tuned in the future!