September 1st

Well production on pretty much everything we are working on has been brought to a halt thanks to someone deciding to tie the knot with the love of his life, borrrring. But no, really, a friend of mine, maybe related to some people I know, maybe not, is the one I speak of. I would like to extend my congrats to him, and his soon to be wife, good luck with everything. Now, back to business. September for cartOOnatuna should be a huge month (but no more than 30 days). We plan on redoing the webpage, finishing up some scripts, even possibly pitching some ideas. Of course, this is all depending on how much time we can find to work, which usually is not the biggest problem for us tuna, mostly because we all love what we do.  They mostly come out at night, mostly. <Anyone?..well.. even though it is preseason, have to get back to watching those Chicago Bears, should be a good year for em, we hope. If not, we still have the bulls. Check back for new content daily, ma fakkas.

p.s. watch for a social experiment starting soon from this site, and check out, a brilliant project in the making.